Public Securities

The investment objective of the public side of the Fund is to obtain long term capital appreciation and to avoid losses, particularly during periods of unfavorable market conditions.

The Fund seeks to emphasize securities or investments that will produce a combination of capital gain and current income. The types of investments by which the Fund intends to achieve its objective are mainly concentrated in a combination of Private Debt Securities and Public Debt and Equity Securities.

The Managing Member's selection process for public debt and equity securities entails a detailed analysis of a company's fundamentals such as revenues, earnings, cash flows, dividends or interest payments, reasonable debt leveraging and servicing, long term growth strategy, market and competitive analysis, strong credible management, and favorable valuation. After identifying an investment candidate, the Managing Member will carefully analyze stock price behavior and trading volume activity before entering a position.

In general, the Managing Member's approach is to focus on quality companies with attractive attributes that have a high likelihood of producing capital appreciation over near and longer term periods. Small, mid and large cap companies in a variety of industries are considered as potential portfolio investments.


  Public Markets -- Target Criteria 

  • Strong Earnings Potential
  • Near- term Business Catalysts
  • Reasonable Valuation
  • Strong, Credible Management
  • Sensible Overall Debt Structure






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