Sandpiper Philosophy

Sandpiper’s philosophy stems from the belief that investment success—whether in private equity, real estate, debt instruments, or public companies—is derived from a sound and scalable business model with a solid management and/or development team and well-structured financial resources. We believe that investment value is ultimately driven by these fundamental factors.

As investors in private securities, Sandpiper assumes meaningful stakes in its investments and seeks to be a catalyst for realizing their full financial potential. Sandpiper strongly believes that a reasonable investment valuation from the onset is an integral part of an investment's ultimate success.

Sandpiper emphasizes intense, primary due diligence, constant and close portfolio holding monitoring, and for our private investments we take direct, active participation in our portfolio companies' strategic decisions where possible. 

Our goal is to make investments that make financial sense for our portfolio holding companies while making investment sense for our investors.








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