Our Focus

The Sandpiper Funds' objective is to obtain long term capital appreciation while avoiding losses, particularly during periods of unfavorable market conditions.

The Fund seeks investments that produce a combination of capital gain and current income, focusing on private equity and real estate investments.

Private Equity

Sandpiper invests in smaller companies from a variety of industries which have strong management teams, positive cash flows, and clear opportunities for growth. Sandpiper will also consider early stage or start-up entities with extraordinary potential.

Consideration for an investment may include equity, assumption of debt, earn-outs or a combination of these. Sandpiper will consider minority or majority investments of generally up to $2 million.  Although Sandpiper typically does not seek management control of the businesses in which it invests, board representation is sought.

Through its industry contacts, Sandpiper has the ability to identify and bring executive level management to a company. Sandpiper considers itself a long-term investor with an investment horizon of up to 5 years.  However, shorter holding periods may be acceptable depending upon the exit strategy.

Sandpiper continuously monitors portfolio investments against Sandpiper and management expectations to manage performance risk and to implement necessary action, when warranted. Such monitoring includes a variety of techniques including ongoing face-to-face meetings with management.

Private Debt

Sandpiper seeks strong past financial performance, credit worthiness, cash flow & collateral adequacy, personal guarantees of owners, positive industry growth/property type trends in the borrower’s area of expertise, positive growth in the borrower’s business region or the property’s location, favorable market and competitive trends, experienced management teams and well-positioned capital structures.

Sandpiper negotiates loan terms with and performs due diligence on borrowers, including background checks. Sandpiper executes loan agreements with the assistance of legal counsel and continuously monitors each borrower’s financial and operational activities, including routine site visits.

Investment size is generally between $200,000 and $2 million with terms typically ranging from a few months up to 5 years.

Representative Investments

Learn more about our typical investments in private equity.

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Target Criteria & Objectives

  • Strong Senior Management
  • Positive Cash Flow or Clear Path to Positive Cash Flow
  • Durable, Scalable Business Plan
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Deals generally up to $2 million
  • Board or Advisory Representation
  • Time Horizon of up to 5 Years
  • Attractive Returns
  • Identifiable Exit Strategy

Representative Investments

Learn more about our typical investments in private debt.

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  Target Criteria & Objectives

  • Strong Borrower Financial Performance
  • Sensible Overall Debt Structure
  • Cash Flow & Collateral Adequacy
  • Positive Geographic Trends
  • Personal Guarantees
  • $200k- $2 million Typical Deal Size
  • Time Horizon: Generally a few months to 5 years






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