Sandpiper Capital Management, LLC invests in private equity, real estate and debt instruments, and a variety of public securities. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the financial and investment industries.

Investment Funds

Currently, Sandpiper oversees the Sandpiper Capital Fund (a closed fund), a fund that invests in real estate and non-real estate private equity, as well as private debt and public securities. Sandpiper also oversees The Sandpiper Capital Opportunities Fund that invests in a broad spectrum of real estate investments along with other special purpose funds.

Sandpiper seeks a core set of common attributes across its asset classes: strong management or development teams, positive cash flow or a clear path to profitability, and opportunities for consistent growth.

In addition to Sandpiperís investment activities, our professional team performs business valuations for companies or assists companies in developing their own valuations.

Capital Base

Sandpiperís capital base is generally derived from a diverse and dedicated group of investors, many of whom have substantial public and private investment experience.† This, along with Sandpiperís fund structure and management team, enhances our flexibility to make a variety of different types of investments as well as providing entrepreneurs with the optimal capital structure needed for success.

SCM Funds Chart

Sandpiper Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2003
  • Owned and managed by Sandpiper partners
  • Owners are investors in the Funds
  • A unique combination of private and public securities expertise
  • Over 70 years of financial, operational and investment experience

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