Sandpiper Investment Process

The Sandpiper strategy is to emphasize investments that will produce a combination of capital gains and current income. Our investment objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation and to avoid losses, particularly during unfavorable market conditions.

We believe that investment success is not limited by geography or industry. In our pursuit of attractive investment candidates, Sandpiper considers a diverse array of investments. This approach allows Sandpiper maximum scope within the universe of potential investment candidates.

Throughout the research process, Sandpiper maintains access to all necessary industry and professional resources in order to maximize research depth.

Our belief is that smaller private equity investments, high quality real estate, and well structured debt provide attractive return opportunities. Within each of these areas, we focus on opportunities with strong, high quality management or development teams that offer sound business plans while maintaining a solid financial condition.

Sandpiper’s investment process includes direct, strategic participation in our private company investments. Participation is actively sought on the Board of Directors or as Advisory Board members.



  • Maximize Absolute Returns Over Life of Fund
  • Manage and Minimize Risk Throughout Investment Process
  • Concentrate on Strongest Research Ideas
  • Maintain Financial Perspective
    • Focus on Valuation
    • Management's Achievement of Financial Targets
  • Seek long-term evolving values driven by identifiable catalysts that enhance Total Returns
  • Avoid losses during periods of unfavorable market conditions


  • Foster Dynamic Deal Sourcing System
  • Employ Broad Industry Approach
  • Maintain Access to Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Exploit Asset Class Inefficiencies
  • Allow for Reasonable Time Horizon
  • Identify Exit Strategies During Selection Process
  • Continuously Monitor Investments
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