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Sandpiper Capital specializes in providing equity capital and debt financing for smaller companies and commercial/industrial and multi-family residential real estate projects.  

For Sandpiper, every deal and investment is unique.  Evaluating business plans, management and development teams, product strategies and capital requirements are just a few components of the process for identifying worthy investment candidates and determining the appropriate valuation for any prospective investment.

Asking the right questions is an important part of the Sandpiper process.  Carefully considering the answers -- and listening for something that other investors might not hear -- is also a key component of Sandpiper’s approach. 

What Sandpiper Offers

Sandpiper Capital is enthusiastic about investing in smaller companies, as well as real estate; and it seeks to bring that enthusiasm to each investment it makes.  Our experience with real estate and smaller company investments can provide entrepreneurs with a partner responsive to the unique needs of these markets.




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